Toshiaki Hicosaka

works of art

Grope drawing No.22

Toshiaki Hicosaka

Grope drawing No.22
Intaglio plate, Pencil, Pigment, Paper


self portrait with his work
photo by Ken Kato

Born in Aichi prefecture, Japan, 1983.
Hicosaka creates a new landscape from pictures he took or found on Internet. Despite of imaging procedures like computer, silk screen and intaglio, his art making process remains original and intriguing.
He also applies various mediums onto the surface, which provides strong impression of different textures, especially in person.

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Scholarship: Subsidy System of Creation and Research, Sozankai
Kyoto University of Art and Design,Information Design
21Jul - 14Oct2007
Group Show participation at Echigo Tsumari Art Trienale
"Naoyoshi Hikosaka and KiHa, Tamugi Tomato Art Anex Story"/ Tamugi, Tokamachi city
23Nov - Feb2008
2 Persons Show:"Artists on Board"/ TAMADA PROJECTS ART SPACE, Tokyo
4Dec - 17Feb2008
Group Show "MOT annual 2008: Unraveling and Revealing"/ Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
13Feb - 18Feb2008
"ARCO'08" (Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid) Solo Projects/ Madrid, Spain
7Mar - 30Mar2008
Solo Exhibition "Artegg"/ Shiseidou Gallery, Tokyo

Upcoming Exhibitions

2 Oct - 5Nov2008
Dazed and Confused Gallery, London