Naoyoshi Hikosaka

celebrating the book publication"Naoyoshi Hikosaka's écriture"

In December 1970, Hikosaka laid latex on tatami floor and porch at his own room in Setagaya, Tokyo for the first time as “Floor Event No.1". Artist Mikio Koyanagi helped him and Yasunao Tone, a contemporary musician currently resides in new York, took record by taking 400 some black and white photographs.

It was the first attempt in the early phase of “Floor Event”, which Hikosaka continued to perform on and off until today.

22 photographs from this event will be presented in this exhibition.

There will be another set of 22 colour photography of “Floor Event No.3”, which was taken place at Gallery 16 in Kyoto, 1972.

2008.7.4 Friday - 8.1 Friday Closed on Sunday and Monday
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Celebration party to commemorate the book publication will be held on the last day of the exhibition.

20087.8.1 Friday 18:00-20:00
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Floor Event No.1

Naoyoshi Hikosaka
"Floor Event No.1" 1970
photo by Yasunao Tone

Naoyoshi Hikosaka's écriture

"Naoyoshi Hikosaka's écriture
Anthology from the ‘70s to present day"

Author: Naoyoshi Hikosaka
6,720 yen
Hard cover: 599pages (Japanese)
Sanwa Co.,Ltd (2008/05)
ISBN-10: 486251040X