"Yosegaki"Yasuka Goto

Indicated in titles of Goto's paintings, her works refer to the World War II. Her great uncle who died of hunger during the war appears as a hero in the series of comic-like gigantic ink paintings.

Goto says "I made him a hero, and he taught me how to live. Of course we live in different time, environment and war. However we have lots in common. Despites all the disadvantages or hopelessness, we have to live." Her works provide serious threat that somehow forces us not to turn our eyes away. Before her works, Japanese can not ignore the war and nationalism as a removable singularity in Japanese History of Modern Art.

Masayuki Osawa, Japanese sociologist, writes that it was nationalism that filled the void structure originated in development of nation states in modern history. Moreover, he points outstanding fact that the true nature of emerging nationalism after cold war is originated in multi-culturalism. Such analysis horrifies artists and people in art world who have been taking multi-culturalism on blind faith. In fact they failed to utilize art in context of communication after 9.11, however ended up producing variety of hi-context and exclusive worship to different interests in art, which makes it possible to categorize them as "racists without races" according to Osawa.

When we become aware of such harsh reality, a certain mode of "looseness" which seems to rule not only in Japanese Art today but our society at large is no longer appropriate to delineate our environment. Therefore rigorous brush strokes of Goto’s works remind us such observation as vivid as the fact.

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Yasuka Goto
"Yosegaki" 2008
Oil, acryl gouache, ink on canvas, 300x500cm


Yasuka Goto
"Imoarai","Sanho husagari, Sharin"
Installation view